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"We had a great experience with the
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- Andrea Fernández

Face-painting Seefeld Bazinga Parties
CHF 245
1 Hour / 12 Kids

About the Party

Embark on a journey of imagination and transformation with our incredible face-painting services in Seefeld. With a palette of vibrant colors and boundless creativity, our skilled artists possess the remarkable ability to turn faces into living works of art. Whether it's a children's party, a themed event, or a festive celebration, our talented face painters add a touch of magic that brings smiles and joy to people of all ages. Prepare to be amazed as they skillfully bring your favorite characters, designs, and fantasies to life, making your experience in Seefeld truly unforgettable.

On the day of your event the face-painter will arrive 10 minutes early to setup the face-painting station and get ready to start entertaining the little ones. As the children will be sitting for 3 - 4 minutes for a face paint and possibly standing in line while waiting, we recommend that you provide as space that is under cover for the setup.

Each face-painter can paint roughly 12 faces in an hour, if there are more children on the day, your entertainer will discuss extending the time (when possible) with you once their booked time is finished. If you are hosting a children's party please let your entertainer know when you would like to sing Happy Birthday so that they can pause the entertainment and help you round up the children.

Want to book a full day event? contact us directly for our face-painting day rates.

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Face-painting Seefeld Bazinga Parties Switzerland
Face-painting Seefeld Bazinga Parties Switzerland
Face-painting Seefeld Bazinga Parties Switzerland
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Face-painting Seefeld Customer Review

All the kids had so much fun with the balloons and the face painting was amazing!


Face-painting Seefeld Customer Review

"Sara and Sasha did an amazing job face painting all the kids and even manage to convince the "tough boys" to get some make up. I would definitely recommend the service of Bazinga for your birthday parties."


Face-painting Seefeld Customer Review

"The style of face painting was so elegant and beautiful!"


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