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Slime Making Party

Slime making is an easy and fun party activity that combines basic science and creativity, making it the perfect craft to keep the little ones happy at your event. Whether you are planning a party for a couple of children or an event for hundreds, slime making is the trending kids activity that the little ones won't be able to get enough of. Book it today and you can relax knowing the kids are going to have a blast.


CHF 245

- 1 x Assistant

- 30 Mins (12 Children)

*Add 30 Mins CHF100

How It Works

When the day of your event comes around, our Slime Making assistant will arrive 15 minutes prior to your party start time to discuss the running of the event and to set up the slime making station. It takes 10 - 15 minutes for the children to make the slime with the help of our assistant, and the slime station can cater to 6 children at a time. We don't supply the table for the slime making that the children can work from, but do provide both plastic table and floor covers to make sure everything stays clean.

Once the children are finished with the activity they will all receive a small tub which they can take home with them to keep their slime in.

*Please note: Slime making is only suitable for children over the ages of 5 as the instructions and making of the slime can be difficult for smaller children.

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Slime Kit

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prior to the party.

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Slime making assistant

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We Don't Provide the Table
for the Slime Making

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We Do Provide, Table
Covers & a Ground Sheet

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Schleimherstellung Party für Kinder Bazinga Parties Zürich
Slime Making Party Zürich Bazinga Parties
Slime Making Party Zürich für Kinder Bazinga Parties
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