Face-painting All You Need to Know

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Having worked within the children’s party industry for the past 8 years we have seen and been part of many truly wonderful moments. Laughter shared between grandparents and grandkids. Comedic moments where the adults couldn’t resist getting involved in the children’s games, turning musical statues into a family dance party. There have been scary moments too, at a party last year a little girl had her hair catch alight as she attempted to blow out her Birthday candles, thankfully the day was saved by her heroic Father and a conveniently located pitcher of juice (She’ll get it right next year). Then there are the moments, simple and perfect, when the children have their faces painted.

A sugar high, energetic and fidgety 3 year old will sit still and patiently await the outcome of their face paint choice. (Yep, this happens more often then not). However, nothing quite matches up to the moment when a child looks into the mirror to see the product of their patience.

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